Sweet Pick Up Lines That Will Get You A Kiss

Sweet pick up lines for guys

I just had to come over and talk to you. Sweetness is my weakness.

Hi, my friend thinks you’re kinda cute, but I don’t. I think you’re absolutely gorgeous.

How does it feel? [What?] You say “To be the only star in the sky.

You look like you could use some help rubbing in that tanning oil.

Can I borrow your phone? I just want to call your mom and thank her

I know what you should be for Halloween! Mine.

If I were blind, I would still know you’re beautiful.

Your chromosomes have combined beautifully.

My zombie plan has been rewritten to include you.

You had me at your proper use of you’re.

More cute pick up lines for guys

If you need to take it slow, I can cold-brew.

Your eyes are amazing, do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

Swoon. I’ll catch you.

Let’s go somewhere we can be alone. Ah, there doesn’t seem to be anyone on this couch.

Was that cannon fire, or is it my heart pounding?

I know what I want, because I have it in my hands right now. You.

I want all of you. Forever. Every day.

I don’t bite, you know… unless it’s called for.

Puppies are as cute as the speed of light is fast, but your cuteness threshold approaches that limit.

Hi, I’m Andrew. I thought we should at least have a conversation before we get married.