Romantic Pick Up Lines That Will Melt Your Heart

Romantic pick up lines for girls

I’m looking for treasure. Can I look around your chest.

My friend told me this party would be worth my time – and now that I see you, he was right.

I’m having a Glenlivet, neat. What can I get for you?

I would love to buy you a drink but I’m afraid I’d be too jealous of the glass.

It takes the sweetest pick up lines to make you mine, but all I could find was your beauty so fine, and the words, please be mine?

I look in your eyes and see a portal…a gateway to a world of which I want to be a part.

Do you have the time? Thanks…October 1, 2015 , at 10:30 PM, now I’ll always remember the exact moment that I met you.

You seem popular, but I bet you have room in your life for another friend.

If you could read my thoughts, you would marry me tomorrow.

I’ve got the ship and you have the harbor. Why don’t we tie up for the night?

More pick up lines for women

Who needs Google? You’re everything I’m searching for.

Baby, you’re like the cute villager among ugly villagers in animal crossing.

I’ll hold your hand tighter than I hold my phone when I’m in the bath.

Excuse me, are you reverse of immortality potion? Because I can see myself growing old with you.

I’m a cube, you’re a cube. Let’s make a tesseract.

Hey baby, are you an angel, because I’m afraid you’re going to kill me every time I close my eyes.

Let’s figure out where the ducks go in the winter.

Excuse me, what are your preferred pronouns, I don’t want to use the wrong ones.

Are you a baker? Cause I need you to knead me. I wanted you yeast-erday, and pie-ne for you today. Oven-tually we’ll be together.

Your lips are kinda wrinkled. Mind id I press them.