Romantic Pick Up Lines That Will Melt Your Heart

Romantic pickup lines

If you were a computer I would have accessed you.

I would like to live your foot prints on my ceiling.

Hey baby, you’re just my type; juvenile.

You take a lot of pricks, eh?

Hi. My name is Gerald. I’ll be your waiter.

Hi there. I’ll have two fried eggs, over easy, and a side of bacon.

I like you like Hank Hill likes propane.

Hi ! My name is chance and do I have one?

If you walk away now, I’ll die with a broken heart.

I’m bigger and better than the titanic… only 200 women went down on the titanic.

More chemistry pick up lines

Please help the homeless and take me home with you.

I’m no Google Glass but I’m willing to look silly for you.

Are you a Taylor Swift song? Because you seem like one hot single.

Hey baby let’s make like your family during the holidays and invade each others’ space.

Hey Mona Lisa, come home you know you can’t Rome without Caesar.

We’re like waffles and fruit. You’re hot and I want to be on top of you.

You look like a bowl of ice cream. I just gotta spoon you.

Hey girl, you’re the only one I’d ever cheat on my imaginary fiancé with.

If I were a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds?

Top of the morning to you.. Actually, I’d like to be on top of you in the morning.