Romantic Pick Up Lines That Will Melt Your Heart

romantic pick up lines

Romantic pick up lines are romantic! These Love pick up lines are great to get one’s feet wet. Romantic as the word says is all about love, it needs the guy/ girl to get into the romantic mood before they move towards the person. Get the feel, close your eyes and bring out the romantic person in you and then use these pick up lines and then we guarantee that there’s nothing to stop you. Play it out with ease this is the secret sauce we are sharing and hope that our readers benefit from it.  Jump into our romantic collection of best romantic pick up lines, most romantic pick up lines, love pick up lines. Good luck and follow our advice you will get what you desire.

Romantic pick up lines

You’re eyes are like the sunset. Beautiful, inspiring… and hard to turn away from.

If you like you’r coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot.

Woo I’m back after being suspended for god knows why here is sexy groose to celebrate.

Hey girl, I’d like to see you with your pump off.

Someone get me a glucagon, shawty got low!

Baby I have to correction bolus around you because you’re so sweet.

For you to put on make up would be like covering up a master piece.

Your beauty is like money.  You can never get enough of it, and you always want more.

I am guilty of the “baby my blood sugar is a little low, gimme some sugar.

You’re gonna give me high blood sugar by being that sweet

More cute pick up lines

Inject me your love like insulin…

You’re so sweet, If you were status update I would definitely like this.

Hey girl can you check your blood sugar? Cuz I would love to know your number.

My blood glucose won’t be the only thing rising tonight.

Baby you’re like me needles… ultra-fine.

How can other people love when I’m using the world’s supply on you?

Falling for you would be a very short trip.

I may not have the gift to grant your wishes, but until then, I’ll make your dreams come true.

In a field full of flowers, you are a perfect rose.

I’ve heard that a person with eyes as beautiful as yours must have a beautiful soul.