Pokemon pick up lines

Pokemon pickup lines

I’ll make you wet, one way or the other.

They don’t call me the “C-King” for nothing

This box is little cramped, mind if I get in yours?

You must be a Pikachu, cause you leave me shocked

My Alakazam just used his special move Future Sight and guess what? It looks like we’ve got a bright future together

Will you be my Pokemon? Because I choose you

My love burns for you, like charmanders tail

I’d like to get all tangela up with you

Do you know constrict? Because you’ve got me wrapped around your little finger

How do you know you’re not into necrophilia… unless you try it once?

Girl do you Digmie cause I really Digyu

There are tons of fishes in the sea… But you are mu golden magikarp

You must have used attract, because it’s super effective!

Charizad is red and balstoise is blue.. if you catch my heart, I’ll be your Pikachu!

Take a chansey on me!

You’re like pokemon trainer red, because you’re out of my league

Can you be like the wind? … Always by me side?

You must know Gust, because you totally blew me away

You set my heart ablaze!

I pika-choose you