Pick Up Lines For Guys That Will Make A Girl Blush

Cheesy pick up lines for guys

You look like you could use a drink.

I know a guy who does that kind of work.

My car has a DVD player.

How you doin’?

Would like to dance?

Can I interest you in a glass of wine?

Do you come here often? I could use your opinion about something..

Excuse me, can you help me with…?

Don’t you find this place cool?

You look like you might be interested in some great conversation.

More best pickup lines

Would you like to have an escort to your table?

Wow, I really love what you’re wearing. What is that?

I just thought you should know that you have a really nice smile.

Going somewhere, Solo? …. Want company

You’re a wonderful girl/guy. Either I’m going to kill you or I’m beginning to like you.

Nice stormtrooper armor. It would look even better on my bedroom floor.

I’m here to collect the bounty… ON DAT ASS!

I’m not such a bad pilot myself… in bed.

Date me, or do not date me. There is no ‘just friends’.

Looks like you’ve got your blaster set to stun… because you’re stunning!