Nerdy Pick Up Lines That Work

Worst pick up lines

The average temperature of the cosmos is a mere 3 Kelvin so all things considered you’re really hot.

Hey slim, let me talk to you for a minute!

You’re a pile of leaves… I want to jump right in!

Hey baby can you please calm my monster down.

You don’t know this yet, but you’re mine forever

What do you say to a game of Words With More Than Friends?

I need to hop over to Facebook for a second to change my status to smitten.

I wish your profile pic was just on Snapchat so I wouldn’t try to look at it every 20 minutes.

We should take over Verizon because I don’t think they’ve ever had this kind of online connection.

After the hurricane they expect serious looting, but you already stole my heart.

More worst pick up lines

Girl when you don’t text me back, I sometimes go into tropical depression.

Damn girl is your name Irene? Cause you look like you’re good at blowing.

Did you hear the latest storm report? They changed the forecast to sexy.

The storms supposed to knock out the power, but your eyes have all the electricity I need.

If you were a potato, I’d totally eat you.

Baby is your name Ariel? Cause we mermaid for each other.

My name isn’t sully but you could be my boo.

I’m good at maintenance work. Can I tinker around with you.

My name is pogo, wanna jump on my stick?

Welcome to the love boat. I’ll be your captain.