Good pick up lines that are guarenteed to work

Good pick u lines

Hey baby, are you a phone? Cause I’d tap that.

Music sounds better with you.

When I said I’d die single, I only meant that I didn’t think I’d live long enough until I found you.

Do you believe in modern revelation? cause I believe I’m standing in front of an angel.

Hi, I’m James, how do you like me so far?

Hi, my name is James, but you can call me lover.

Hey girl, they should call you a cab, so you can come to my house and get busy.

Hey girl, you’re prettier than that girl in those ads for the Kindle feature where you get help from a live person right on the damn Kindle.

I will pick you up, women. Is this understood?

More smooth pick up lines

Girl, you’re an 11/10 because your beauty is undefined.

(Walk up to girl, fall to the ground, flail around like a fish and say) I’m drowning in your beauty.

You are an almond candy bar? Cause you’re disgusting.

I play baseball. What’s your number.

Hey girl, you smell like barbecue sauce.. And I like barbecue sauce.

I made us on the sim and our kids came out really cute. Wanna try for real?