Cute Pick Up Lines Make You Say Aww

Cute pick up lines for girls

Don’t be shy, you Canterbury your feelings from me baby…

I know you’re the one ever since you Cayman to my life.

I hope you’re not a monk, ‘cause I’d love to go Tibet with you.

I hate to be a Budapest, but I’m Hungary for you.

Are you busy tonight at 2 a.m.?

Hey girl, you dropped something. [What?] Your standards. Hi I’m Jake.

Oops I dropped my Monster condom for my Magnum dong.

You know what blows women away? Magic. I’ll teach you.

You look like you have the passion. It would be so intoxicating.

I am 29 not 37, like my profile says.

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Check out my lame profile and if it miraculously tweaks your interest, drop me a line sometime. If not, best of luck to ya.

Do you like going to the races, or would you rather go to a mud park?

Feeling Spontaneous?? Let’s compare our Blue Eyes over a Dark Beer!!

You’ve been very bad. Go to my room.

I might not be the ocean but I’ll still rock your boat.

Perhaps if we got to know each other better, you’d invite me to your sweet-sixteen party.

The last time I dated a girl your age, our scout troop had a coed field trip with the Girl Scouts.

I wouldn’t mind turning my back, but it’s really not a very sensuous position.

Do you think that Venus de Milo would look as pretty if she had her clothes on?

I know how you feel. I’m tired of being a sex object, myself.