Cute Pick Up Lines Make You Say Aww

Cute cheesy pick up lines

What do you say we bounce like a bad email?

You’re like a style guide … you add consistency to my life.

You’re so fine, you deserve your own hashtag.

You should step away from the frozen foods. Things, are gonna start to melt.

Are you a customer? Because, I’m customer service.

Excuse me? Do you know where I can find… your number?

Girl, when it comes to true love, there’s no expiration date.

You know I have everything in your cart at home, right?

Girl, are you salsa? Cause, you’re hot.

Do you know where I can find some antacid? You’re making my heart burn.

More nerdy pick up lines

I’d better get a name tag, because I’m checking you out.

Mmm do you love ice cream as much as I do? (Yes) Great! Wanna spoon?

I hope you want a big wedding because I cantaloupe.

Letters starts with ABC, numbers starts with 123, music starts with DO-RE-MI, love stars with YOU and ME!!

I’d offer you a cigarette but you’re already smokin’ hot.

You’re so cute I want to bottle you up in a mason jar.

Are you a sheep cause your body is unbaaaaaleivable.

You’re spicier than sriracha.

You’re so hot, you make fire stop, drop and roll.

You can call me Nemo. Because I’m going to touch the butt.