Christian Pick Up Lines That Cannot Fail

christian pick up lines

These cheesy and funny Christian pick up lines will definitely work on the girl/guy. Pick up lines are a tricky business. One thing which anyone should care about is their attitude; if the attitude and delivery is good then your charm is going to mesmerize the person. You can use these pick up lines anywhere in church, campus, or any desired location. This is the largest collection of the best Christian pick up lines which you can get on internet.

Best Christian pick up lines

When it comes to the Lord, you’re more on fire than Katniss Everdeen.

Did you kiss Bible? Cause you’re lips look sweeter than honey.

I know the Way, the Truth, the Life and a nice restaurant we can go to!

Since I love God.. You love God.. We should love each other.

Hey girl, I’d give you my heart, but I already gave it to Jesus. You can have my number though.

You are like manna from heaven: Fresh everyday.

If you like it then you should put a promise ring on it.

You really are a fisher of men. And baby you just reeled me.

You’ve been waiting for god to grant you the desires of your single heart, and I’m certain to satisfy them.

Do you like my Jesus-inspired facial hair? I’m growing it out just for you.

More best pickup lines

If I march against you seven times, will you fall for me.

Proverb says that whoever gives an honest answer kisses the lips.. well, feel free to shower me with honesty.

Do you know Jesus? Because I would love to spend eternity with you.

You be the bread and I’ll be the fish and we’ll see if Jesus can make a miracle out of us.

I see you wearing TOMS. Want to discuss your heart for Africa over dinner?

Hey girl, your heart for worship is extremely attractive. The way that you sing your heart out and throw your hands in the air…. Gorgeous.

I know I met you on this mission trip, but here’s my number, can I pursue you maybe?

I believe one of my ribs belong to you.

Hey girl, he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and I’ve been waiting all my life to find you.

I know Moses parted the Red Sea, but baby ain’t nothing parting you and I.