Chemistry Pick Up Lines That Will Get You a Date

Chemistry pick up line

Wanna help me reach my boiling point?

You must have an extraordinary heat capacity, because you are hot!

You make me hypervalent.

I think you just satisfied my octet.

You and I go together like sodium and chloride.

We’re as miscible as oil and hexane.

I’m just hypothesizing, but I think that the reaction between you and me would be quite exothermic. Care to plot some data points?

I think we’re the ultimate hard-hard interaction.

You must be a strong lewis base because I’m just dying to accept some electron pairs from you!

Quick! Get in the safety shower, because you’re on fire!

More best pick up line

Your eyes are as blue as 10 formal aqueous Copper Chloride.

Your eyes are as green as 10 formal aqueous Nickel Sulfate.

You make me feel higher than when I’ve been working with ether all day.

Hey, you’re charging my active site!

You can call me DNA Synthase. I’m here to unzip your jeans.

Hey neighbor, wanna spin couple?

I’d like to conjugate YOUR double bond!

How’d you like to fill my orbital? (to male)

How’d you like me to fill your orbital? (to female)

Let’s dimerize!

Baby, you and I are a Symmetry Allowed Linear Combination!