Cheesy Pick Up lines You Should Try

Cheesy dirty pick up lines

If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I would be holding a galaxy.

Do you go to the gym? Because I can see you and me working out.

If you’re here who is running heaven.

Baby are you Jurassic park because I wanna see jurassic in my park.

Are you charged? Because I find you attractive.

You can score all the points tonight, so I’ll be in love.

I’m like a power plant, hard to shut down and I can turn on anytime.

If you were a TSA agent I’d be happy to get a body scan.

You must be omelet because you’re making me egg-cited.

You must be an artist because I find myself drawn to you.

More bad pick up lines

If you were a flower you’d be a dammmdelion.

You’re like noodle soup, I could never pho-get about you.

I’d mount and dew you.

My name isn’t elmo but you can tickle me any time you want.

People call me Alyssa, but you can call me tonight.

Are you a Tamale? Because you’re hot.

You are like sew cool.

I’m a soccer for a good pickup line.

If I buy a soccer ball, will you kick it with me?

Are you from Midwest? Because Iowa YA.