Cheesy Pick Up lines You Should Try

Cheesy pick up lines for girls

Honeydew you know how sexy you are?

You look gouda nuff to eat.

I don’t work at the post office, but I’ll inspect your package.

Where have you fin all my life?

You are the sheese to my macaroni.

I’m the eight dwarf, sexy.

Do you want ot get goofy?

They call me the mailman, because I always deliver.

It doesn’t take a ticket to ride me.

Want an out-of-this-world experience?

I perform best when wet.

More Best pickup lines

Oh no! I’m choking! I need mouth to mouth quick!

With you around, I don’t need sugar in my coffee.

You can kiss heaven goodbye because it’s a sin to look that good.

Who needs a map when one can Rome freely in your beautiful eyes.

No amount of coffee can keep me alive like you do.

I love you like Sheldon loves his spot.

Are you a sea lion? Because I sea you lion in my bed late.

I wheelie like you.

I can score from multiple positions.