Cheesy Pick Up lines You Should Try

Cheesy pick up lines for guys

Don’t save me yet. Let me go down a few times.

Come take a ride on my “Slip-n-slide”

They call me the D-livery man.

What’s your blowing capacity?

I’m too sexy for my shirt…

Will you marinade me?

The elevator isn’t the only thing going up.

I’d like to see s’more.

I want to be inside your ladygarden. Gnome saying?

You’ve got a great rack of spices.

More dirty pick up lines for guys

Wanna comb over babe?

Are you real. Or are you delusion? Either way, you’re really hot!

You’re single. I’m single. Coincidence? I think not.

Do you run track? Because I heard you relay want me.

I’ll male you want to spend more time in bed with me than sleeping beauty.

I may be the outlaw, but you’re the one stealing my heart.

Give me a woody and I’ll make you buzz for light years.

I wish you were a carousel at Walmart, so I could ride you all day long. For a quarter.

If you were a fish, you’d be angelfish.

Nothing is sweeter than you.