Cheesy Pick Up lines You Should Try

Funny corny pick up lines

I don’t want to luge your interest babe.

What’s your race strategy? I like to come from behind.

Did you fall from heaven or did your hotel room cave in?

You don’t need to bring anything home. You’re already gold.

Are you running Sochi tap water? Because you’re dirty.

I’m not Russian, but I’ll definitely be putin out tonight.

Would you like to go curling together? Or should I just sweep you off your feet.

Girl, are you an Olympic torch? Because you’re on fire.

Are you an alien? Because you just abducted my heart.

I really dig you.

More Dirty pick up lines for girls

I’m not extra virgin olive oil. I’m the slutty olive oil.

Are the other donkeys jealous? Because that’s one fine ass.

Hey congrats on being attractive.

Do you want blueberries or strawberries in your pancakes tomorrow morning?

You otter come over here.

You’re Jamaican me crazy.

When a penguin finds its mate they stay together for the rest of their lives. Will you be my penguin?

You me. Bed now.

Pick up line? You mean mustache.

Did you buy your pants discounted? Because they would be 100% off at my house.

I’m a pirate in love, I’m here for your booty.