stupid pick up lines

Stupid Pick Up Lines That Make No Sense

Stupid pick up lines are not stupid as you might perceive it, but they are the one of the ideal ways to take the plunge and get together. These Weird pick up lines are not only weird but they are also come under the category of Dumb pick up lines and certainly very different form the other collection of pick up lines like the cheesy pick up lines and nerdy pick up lines but they are more like the funny but yet weird pick up lines which can be appropriately used anywhere. 1. Roses are red, Tomatoes are redder, I think we both know, I like you way better. 2. What are you doing for the rest of your life? ‘Cuz I want to spend it with you.
worst pick up lines

Worst Pick Up Lines That Don’t Make Sense

Worst pick up lines are not the worst set of pickup lines which one might might come across, but they will help you break the ground and win your partner. Worst pick up lines may sound like the terrible pick up lines or may be horrible pick up lines or may be like the Lame pick up lines which you have encountered, but these pick up lines will help you lay the first stone and this is very important in the process of influencing your partner, you need to be calm and cool and deliver these lines with great ease. 1. I may have kissed dating goodbye but I want to kiss marriage hello. 2. Even though the ugly lights are shining bright, you still look beautiful.
best pick up lines

Best Pick Up Lines Of All Times

Best pick up lines presents you the best collection of pick up lines you can get. These amazing pick up lines is a good way to start on a relationship. They are referred as best because they have worked in many instances and hold high chances to impress a girl/guy. These will help to pave the way to have a good beginning. 1. Baby, I last longer than a white crayon. 2. Roses are red, violets are blue, like the titanic, I’m going down on you.
funny pick up lines

Funny Pick Up lines that work like magic

These awesome funny pick up lines are great way to introduce yourself. These Hilarious pick up lines or one may even call it as witty pick up lines are funny, light and will bring smile on their face when you shoot some of the funny pick up lines. These Clean pick up lines are incredibly awesome and cool and increases your probability to get the girl or a guy. The best thing about these pick up lines is that you can actually use them anywhere possible like at the pub, bar, park. One thing you should care about is to always put up a smile on your face before you deliver any of the funny pick up lines because smile brings out the best in you. 1. Jealousy is for everyone else because they don't have you....
christian pick up lines

Christian Pick Up Lines That Cannot Fail

These cheesy and funny Christian pick up lines will definitely work on the girl/guy. Pick up lines are a tricky business. One thing which anyone should care about is their attitude; if the attitude and delivery is good then your charm is going to mesmerize the person. You can use these pick up lines anywhere in church, campus, or any desired location. This is the largest collection of the best Christian pick up lines which you can get on internet. When it comes to the Lord, you’re more on fire than Katniss Everdeen.