romantic pick up lines

Romantic Pick Up Lines That Will Melt Your Heart

Romantic pick up lines are romantic! These Love pick up lines are great to get one's feet wet. Romantic as the word says is all about love, it needs the guy/ girl to get into the romantic mood before they move towards the person. Get the feel, close your eyes and bring out the romantic person in you and then use these pick up lines and then we guarantee that there's nothing to stop you. Play it out with ease this is the secret sauce we are sharing and hope that our readers benefit from it. You’re eyes are like the sunset. Beautiful, inspiring… and hard to turn away from.
cute pick up lines

Good pick up lines that are guarenteed to work

Good pick up lines are the boldest, strongest yet not slappy and not shammy. Sometimes pick up likes are creepy and at point of time deserve a slap. When they are not creepy they are corny, sarcastic and dramatic that shame stink of it and haunt you forever. So we are here to change that with good pick up lines which you can use on the potential mate. These pick up lines will leave a good impression on the person without the fear of leaving the impression of her hand on your face. You have something on face. (go to rub it) Huh, I guess beautiful doesn’t come off.
pick up lines for girls

Pick up lines for girls that will make a guy kiss you

Pick up lines for girls are specifically for girls, they are not cheesy and dirty but we have designed this collection keeping girls in mind, so they are very romantic, sweet and cute pick up lines. This is the best collection of pick up lines for girls available on the internet these times. Sometimes being cheesy is also classy, so going wild is good. Everyone needs to change at times and showing variation. Variation is very good for your personality and as well as for you, it helps you to stay healthy mentally. 1. If I was trapped inside a giant cake, would you eat me out? 2. I’m wearing Revlon color stay lipstick, want to help me test the claim it won’t kiss off?
best pick up lines

Best Pick Up Lines Of All Times

Best pick up lines presents you the best collection of pick up lines you can get. These amazing pick up lines is a good way to start on a relationship. They are referred as best because they have worked in many instances and hold high chances to impress a girl/guy. These will help to pave the way to have a good beginning. 1. Baby, I last longer than a white crayon. 2. Roses are red, violets are blue, like the titanic, I’m going down on you.
funny pick up lines

Funny Pick Up lines that work like magic

These awesome funny pick up lines are great way to introduce yourself. These Hilarious pick up lines or one may even call it as witty pick up lines are funny, light and will bring smile on their face when you shoot some of the funny pick up lines. These Clean pick up lines are incredibly awesome and cool and increases your probability to get the girl or a guy. The best thing about these pick up lines is that you can actually use them anywhere possible like at the pub, bar, park. One thing you should care about is to always put up a smile on your face before you deliver any of the funny pick up lines because smile brings out the best in you. 1. Jealousy is for everyone else because they don't have you....